The dye-absorbing properties, as well as the texture, of the each fiber differ, which means that each colorway may vary from fiber to fiber. For example, colors in the cashmere may appear more muted in the soft halo of the alpaca. Where possible, pictures on this List of Colorways depict how the colorways appear in other fiber alternatives.

Note: Great care has been taken to ensure that the colors depicted in each photograph are true to life, however, colors may vary according to the settings on your monitor.

A hand-painted and/or hand-knitted garment is a product of valuable time, imagination, and craftsmanship.   Every piece is a work of art, an heirloom to be treasured.  Therefore it is recommended to hand wash these articles in cold water with a drop or two of a mild detergent such as baby shampoo or Dawn dishwashing liquid with little to no agitation.  Do not wring or twist your garment.  Instead, rinse gently and squeeze all water out; shape and lay flat to dry.